What are the Aspects of the Best Homeowners Association Websites?

What are the Aspects of the Best Homeowners Association Websites?

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  1. What are the Attributes of the Best HOA websites?
  2. Essentials of Excellent HOA Websites
  3. Professional HOA Software Features
  4. Best HOA Website Experience
  5. An HOA Website Privacy Policy
  6. Why Every Homeowner’s Association Should Have a Website
  7. A Reliable HOA’s Website is an Online Information Center


What are the Attributes of the Best HOA websites?

An HOA website is a website that is created by property management or a board of directors to help promote the goals and vision of the homeowner’s association. The best homeowners association websites help to reduce the costs associated with office administration. All member dues and fees can be paid online so there is no need for the use of paper, stamps, and any other materials thus reducing administration expenses. Having a highly functional HOA website will provide a satisfying experience for prospective buyers, members, and personnel alike.



Essentials of Excellent HOA Websites

The best homeowner’s association websites should have 24-hour support, and it should be easily accessible for members. The HOA website should be optimized for both desktop computers and mobile devices. It should provide all the documents and information necessary. The following are some of the essential aspects of the HOA websites:

  • An HOA website should implement advanced security. Security is necessary for transactions and to protect member’s sensitive and private information.
  • The website should utilize HOA Software. HOA website software provides the necessary tools to successfully run an association.
  • The website should allow you to communicate effectively with members. It is also essential that the website supports bilateral communication such as chat or email support so that responses and feedback are timely.
  • It should ensure that the members can log in to the website and update personal information at their convenience. You should also honor each member’s privacy, especially when it comes to dealing with invoices and any other private information.
  • Make sure that the website is easy to use and accessible, especially for anyone without much knowledge of technology. All the documents should be easy to download, and the members of potential investors can also print them out.
  • Update the website and make sure that you keep adding more information so that the members have up to date information about the association.
  • Include contacts and links from social media sites so that it is easy for the members and potential investors to find information on the website.
  • Make sure that the website is responsive and accessible from desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Professional HOA Web Software Features

Homeowner’s Association Software, also known as HOA software, is a comprehensive management tool consisting of a web-based application builder, contact information database, tracking payments, communication system (chat, email, news), event management system (calendars, surveys, polls, and boards), and much more. You can select from a custom website design, pre-configured, and ready templates provided by HOA Start. HOA Software will allow you to manage your association in a convenient, cost-effective manner.

Best Community Web Experience

Community experience also refers to how the visitor interacts with your website. For example, if a prospective home buyer should visit your website, they should be able to find the information they are looking for relatively easily. It is important to consider the needs of your users as well as what information they need access to. Effective web design will develop usability around a friendly user experience. User experience includes the overall look and feel of the website, ease of navigation, as well as the user interfaces (UI). You need to find a balance between aesthetics and usability so that people feel comfortable and satisfied using your website.

Website Privacy Policy & Security

A great homeowner’s association website will have a privacy policy attached to it that clearly states that no one will be able to view private information that has been submitted through a member’s login. However, It is also important that there is a disclaimer that states that any person can access the public information on the website even if they do not belong to the association or live in the community. It’s best to clearly depict what is a private section and what is open to the public.

Making sure that the private information that resides on the website servers is a top priority. This is accomplished by using an SSL certificate. If the page is secure you will see a little lock-pad located directly to the left of the address field/bar at the very top of the browser.




Why Every Homeowner’s Association Should Have a Website

The reason for an HOA website is to ensure that the homeowner has access to an information repository. It provides ease-of-access for community members. It is an essential resource to keep the association members up to date with the latest changes and news. Members will also be able to look up information about the different rules and regulations that are involved with the use of certain areas in the community. For example, if a member needs information on what can be used on the outside of their building, they should be able to find the answer with relative ease. It also makes office administration more efficient by having a single information source to keep updated. An HOA website is a great platform to market to prospective property investors because the information is readily available. It is also a useful tool to use when planning events and sharing with the rest of the members and non-members.

A Reliable HOA’s Website is an Online Information Center

An HOA website should serve as a central database for the public to look through and find out all the things that they need to know about a home. All information for an available home, that a potential property buyer wants to know more about, should be accessible on the website. Let’s face it, we live in a modern age where people are more inclined to perform internet research before ever picking up the phone. We should do everything in our power to have the necessary information online for the prospective buyer. The rules and event calendars are also on the site so that the buyer can have an easier time deciding whether to invest. Technology makes it easier and faster to communicate so that the board, the office, and the members are always in sync.

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