Housing association boards are faced with the task of serving a community of demanding homeowners. Managing an HOA is a complex, specialized function that necessitates the use of a website. It covers a wide range of topics, including legal issues, vendors, homeowners, financials, and much more. Even property management companies whose primary purpose is to handle condominium associations run into issues. With the right software, these concerns may be addressed, allowing property management teams to run their communities more efficiently and effectively.


Your homeowners association’s software is its driving force. The numerous applications are powered by homeowners association software, which does everything from uploading users to tracking payments. However, not all HOA software is created equal. The right solution should be user-friendly and understandable, prompting admins in their tasks and offering straightforward features for end-users. Poor community association software can irritate both users and HOAs, forcing them to avoid using their community website or prefer the “old way” of using various tools and social media platforms.


Kinds of Community Association Software

Because not all communities are the same, association management software should be tailored accordingly. The requirements of a standard condo or co-op development differ significantly from those of a homeowners association. Association software solutions may satisfy the same needs, but a community software solution tailored to condominiums or apartments must deal with the fact that not all tenants will own their units, unlike residents who are part of an HOA.

Homeowners Association

HOAs are commonly found in planned housing complexes made up of single-family houses. The building, the land beneath the building, and the land around the building are all owned by the homeowner of a single residence.

Homeowners elect a board of directors to oversee the community’s upkeep and to determine any community fees and restrictions. HOA software then goes beyond the all-in-one community management functionalities found in any community association software. With our HOA-centric approach, you get features such as:

  • Robust tenant contact database
  • Built-in financial management system
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Regulation transparency
  • Document storage
  • Communication

Apartments and Condominiums

Apartment or condo residents do not need to own their units and can usually rely on property managers to take care of any maintenance issues. Owners of units in an apartment or condo association become members of the building association and must follow the rules and regulations of the community. Condo and apartment building managers are drawn toward management software that can:

  • Help property managers provide concierge services
  • Manage the amenities of the apartment or condo
  • Optimize tasks such as processing visitors and tracking packages


No one in a cooperative (co-op) building owns their unit. Owners of a co-op receive proprietary rights to occupy a specific unit with specific dimensions in the building. A co-op is run by a board of directors that manages:

  • The overall co-op
  • Amenities
  • Occupancy agreements that all co-op tenants must abide by

A field service management tool, which lets the board hire and manage outside vendors to do repair and other maintenance work, is one of the most desired aspects of co-op-tailored community association management software. Because co-op boards examine potential new members more extensively than HOAs and condominium boards, extensive tenant screening is also required for co-ops.

Why Choose HOAStart to Manage Your Association?

What makes HOAStart superior to other solutions? Our service assembles all of the various tasks and teams your HOA needs into one package that is easy to manage. With specific features that handle amenities, reservations, communications, billing and payments, voting, and document storage, HOAStart helps you complete all necessary tasks without unnecessary third-party products and costs. Take a second to review the price of our software packages. At HOAStart, our pricing is competitive, and our features far exceed other HOA software products.


What HOAStart Does

  • Our community association management software provides the following:
    • HOA website builder
    • Online contact database
    • Communications system (e-mail)
    • Finance and payment system, integrating pricing with accounting
    • Event platform
    • Free demo

    Low costs with three-tiered community management software pricing


Many HOAs experience cost savings when they move from multiple providers to an all-in-one software solution—but the most important consideration is to choose HOA software built specifically for your needs. You’ll find many HOA software products that can send a questionnaire to a user, but only for general purposes. Polls and voting should be built into the HOA software to work with your resident list and be customizable to your needs. When built directly into your website and software, you have no need for e-mail and notifications, and your association residents have direct access to the results, as do your admins.


great hoa website builders

Homeowners and condo owners desire software that helps HOAs achieve their goals of property value preservation, community quality of life, and compliance with HOA regulations while being simple to use.

Benefits and Advantages of HOAStart Software

Some of the benefits of using homeowners association software include:

  • Community management software anticipates future needs
  • Frequent reports keep communications lines open
  • Streamlines community management association operations
  • Keeps track of maintenance requests and generates reports for board members
  • Costs are transparent, and fees are easy to itemize

It’s up to each community to decide if they want an online presence and HOA software as well. The positives are numerous, from low costs to ease of use for admins and residents alike. Many providers have HOA website examples as well as demos of HOA website management software. If saving time and money is a high priority for your community, look at using HOA software to manage your community association today!


How does this save you time and money? The property management software of today is not the same as the property management software of the past. Renting out a clubhouse was a significant undertaking back then. Members or residents would need to contact the management firm or homeowners association to check open dates. The process of signing waivers and papers and paying a deposit took place via e-mail or in person. Depending on whether the event was public or private, residents would receive written notice as well as announcements displayed in public viewing areas.


What Does Good Software Provide for HOAs?

Community associations can resolve maintenance issues, make payments, and update financials from anywhere with the right administration software. The operation, upkeep, marketing, and leasing of commercial and residential property is referred to as property management. Every community has to deal with these issues in some way. Residential, multifamily, commercial, and mixed-use buildings are all various sorts of investment properties with varying management requirements. Property management is crucial because it ensures that the property is well-maintained, preserving its value and reducing the risk of injury and liability caused by improper maintenance. HOAs can make these processes easier and more consistent by using good software.


HOA Website Templates


Is HOA Start Automated Management Software?

Every step of the process is now automated! The HOA management process can be reduced to five minutes using shared calendars, online documentation, automated notifications, and online payment. An association doesn’t have to pay an e-mail blast company, they don’t have to pay for envelopes, ink, paper, and postage, they don’t have to pay payment processors – and they don’t have to waste time on all of these offline operations if they use centralized management software! Did we mention that we offer a free trial of our management software?

Robust Features for Easier Management

HOA software should include personalized messaging, board portals, and detailed, informative reports for the board. Effective communication is vital to fulfilling your board’s demands, responding to inquiries and requests, and keeping both homeowners and condo owners happy. The goal of the software is to make the job of the HOA manager easier.

Robust Features for Easier Management

Standard Features Included with HoaStart

The best software solutions for HOAs include the following features:

  • Organization and task execution
  • Assist in the efficient management of grounds and facilities
  • Assist with planning and organization documentation
  • Monthly reporting
  • Transparent reporting
  • Focused on property-management accounting
  • Task automation
  • Send and receive bills with ease
  • Collect dues
  • Marketing website for public communication
  • Enforce governing documents
  • Cover ongoing HOA expenses
  • HOA budget management
  • Track occurrences such as property management issues, property damage, and board violations
  • Record and respond to residents’ complaints and resolve them efficiently
  • Comply with state laws and member property management regulations
  • Homeowner communication portal
  • Board portal to communicate with the membership
  • Easily share reports and other documentation with HOA board members
  • Easily disseminate documents (e.g., by-laws, meeting minutes, and policies) to the community
  • Easily track key contact information and send documents for signing
  • Securely store documents


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Software that helps reduce workloads and allows the end-user to concentrate on essential duties gives your homeowners association its best solution. Let HOAStart’s professional, affordable, efficient, effective HOA software be the foundation of modern homeowner association management for YOUR association. Call us today at 888-405-2399 to schedule a demo of the best software on the market.


Any community management association can use HOAStart. The amount of functionality you require is entirely dependent on your community. You may not need to manage amenities or event reservations in a smaller community. Similarly, you may need to handle several access levels, diverse properties, and location-specific vendors for a larger master association. It’s crucial to examine how customizable management software is so you can be sure it can perform what you need it to. Take a look at our website for pricing.


Does HoaStart Work with Self-Managed Community Associations?

If you want to use management software to self-manage a community association, you have made a great decision. Managing your own community association is not as easy as professionals make it seem. In fact, the process includes many moving parts and considerations that you must take into account. Follow these tips to self-manage an HOA successfully.

HOAStart.com Buying Process

Although most of the work in putting up your community’s online presence occurs ahead of time, the benefits to both associations and users are enormous. As more communities implement management software, it’s gradually becoming a standard expectation among homeowners worldwide.


HOA Start FAQ:

Q: What can we manage with management software?

A: Generally speaking, the best software products give you the ability to build websites, maintain contacts, interface with e-mail, scheduling, document storage, and the ability to collect and process payments.

Q: What is an online member portal?

A: Online member portals are just what they sound like. They enable an association to be accessible to its members at all times. The best pieces of software include a portal that allows members to log in to their individual accounts and access the information you make available to them. Ideally, members should be able to update their profiles, download copies of the HOA’s governing documents, and view a calendar of events.

Q: How does HOAStart help with fast ticket response?

A: Using an HOA management program naturally leads to a more streamlined process. At HOAStart, you can search, review, approve, or deny requests more quickly, with e-mail integration so you can send work orders to vendors and reply to homeowners quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Q: How scalable are HOA management programs?

A: HOA software is expansion ready. The only effort that you must put is adding more user accounts to the online homeowner portal.


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