Customer Journey

Customer Journey

We believe transparency is paramount.  Setting correct expectations is why our reviews come in so high.  We take the guesswork out of the equation for you and your organization.  Any provider you choose should have a clear path, and outline how you start this journey from Discovery to Success.  See how your journey works on our trajectory.

Customer Journey
  • Discovery



    Eliminate the Pain
    – The need to solve pain-points for managing members within your organization is identified from someone on your Board.

    Task Management
    – A representative of your organization is tasked to perform due diligence, by way of researching vendors and finds us, HOA Start.

  • Consideration



    Review & Fact Finding
    – A representative of your organization begins reviewing HOA Start for consideration to purchase annual subscription services.

    Experience, Live Q&A
    – A representative of your organization is likely asking product questions and/or requests a Free Trial and/or attends a Live Demo with our Team.

  • Selection



    You’ve Chosen the Best
    – Your organization selects HOA Start as their new website/software provider and informs our Team that you’re ready to move forward.  Yay!

    Select Your Plan & Options
    – Our HOA Start Team Rep will send you a sign-up link so you can select your specific plan and points of contact by online submission.

  • Introduction



    Billing Introduction
    – Our Team Rep will introduce your point of contact(s) to the Billing Dept, who will create an invoice through QuickBooks, and send by email.

    Onboarding Introduction
    – Our Team Rep will also introduce your point of contact(s) to your Onboarding Specialist or White-Glove Concierge who will outline next steps.

  • Onboarding



    Professional, Premium Plans
    – Your Success Manager will schedule a Zoom call to provide details.  You’ll then be assigned an Onboard Specialist to work on the project together, through our guided steps.

    White-Glove Plan
    – Your White-Glove Concierge will send a Calendly to schedule your first live session, to learn about your needs and provide details of what to expect.

  • Education



    Professional, Premium Plans
    – Your Onboarding Specialist will provide online resources and training of the product. This interaction will be online only, thru our software.

    White-Glove Plan
    – Your White-Glove Concierge will provide scheduled live training sessions of the product, as well as instructions by email.

  • Content



    Professional, Premium Plans
    – You will add content into the software (such as images/documents, text for pages, url, etc).  Your Onboard Specialist is there to guide you.

    White-Glove Plan
    – Your Concierge is responsible for the buildout of your software/website.  They handle the entire setup with the content you provide.

  • Launch



    Professional, Premium Plans
    – Your launch date will come open when you feel ready to announce to the members that your website/software offering is complete.

    White-Glove Plan
    – Your Concierge will suggest and/or coordinate a launch date for your members based on the feedback and timeline given.

  • Success



    Professional, Premium Plans
    – Your website/software has been announced! Your Onboard Specialist shows you how to open tickets for questions/requests thru Support Desk.

    White-Glove Plan
    – Your website/software has been announced! Your Concierge remains the point of contact and helps to maintain certain monthly tasks.

Transparency & Timeline

During vendor review, one of the most popular questions we get is “How long does this process take?“.  The answer is quite simple, the project moves at your pace.

We provide resources, training and assistance on your project by way of Onboard Specialist, or assigned White-Glove Concierge. However, what we can’t provide is the time you need to set aside to launch this service.

What we know based on client feedback is, we have a proven process.  Before you decide to utilize our services, we give you free access to a trial.  If needed, we setup time for you to meet with our Team Reps to ask questions.  We share pricing on our website. We believe transparency breeds success