Frequently Asked Questions


Your community deserves a great website with in-depth functionality. We look forward to helping you create an HOA Start site that truly showcases and serves your community. Got a question you don’t see on this page? Please get in touch here.


Getting Started

What’s the difference between a website and a social media page?

An HOA Start website belongs to the community that creates it. You determine the message you want to communicate, define your audience, and control the appearance of the site. A social media page offers only partial control over who can see its information, what information it presents, and how it looks.

What’s the difference between an HOA Start website and a regular website?

An HOA Start website provides powerful software to connect residents with each other and conduct community business. Our software scales to meet the needs of communities of any size, with value-added features and applications—including electronic communications, online voting, payments, and amenity reservations—that would cost you considerably more money to create on your own.

How can an HOA Start community website save our neighborhood money?

With an HOA Start website, your community can conduct all its communications electronically, with no need to spend money on printing, mailing, or shipping. Online voting enables you to make decisions quickly and obtain timely feedback from residents. Centralized digital documentation of community history and activities, including payments and reports, saves time and protects vital data.

Do we need technical knowledge or web-design experience to create an HOA Start website?

Not at all. Our on Onboard Specialists, tutorial wizard and streamlined site-creation process enable anyone to build a website in a short time, and invite residents to begin using it within days.

Why are you so confident in your product?

As professionals working with thousands of homeowners, community associations and management companies across the US, we’ve built broad, deep expertise in creating and designing online support for their activities. We’ve built our product to meet the real needs of communities like yours, and we always welcome the input of our clients to drive our continuous process of improvement. We welcome your feature requests and always enjoy sharing our newest developments.

How does the free trial work?

First, free really means free: 14 days with full access to all our features and applications, as well as our knowledgeable staff, without need to enter any payment information. Simply choose the package that matches your community’s size and needs, and start building your website. We believe that when you experience the breadth of our features for yourself, you’ll agree that we offer the best product of its kind.

Once our website goes live, what kind of support do we receive?

Our amazing in-house Support Team answers your questions. You may not need their assistance often because our comprehensive, easy-to-search knowledge base describes every feature and process of our software in meticulous detail.

Is our website safe?

Yes, we provide an SSL certificate—the online credential that signals you’re on a secure website—for every community website. That means you connect to your website via an encrypted link between your browser and the web server. Even if hackers managed get your website data in transit, they couldn’t read or modify it.

Is our website private?

Your home page provides information for prospective home buyers and the public. However, you decide exactly how much of your website is accessible to the public, and how much requires that visitors establish and log in to an account. Every aspect of your website provides this customizable flexibility.

How soon after we sign up can our residents access our site?

Choose your design, add your content, and send members an invitation directly through your new website. You can invite your residents to visit the site as soon as the first day you sign up.

How do site administrators and residents use HOA Start software?

Your HOA Start website includes personal dashboards for administrators and for residents. Each dashboard displays profile information, pending alerts, and upcoming events or reservations, and provides direct access to payments, amenities, documents, news, messaging, and more. Administrators can set up, edit and maintain site features, content and appearance through a comprehensive, intuitive set of controls.

Can our management company use the website?

Absolutely! We work with management companies across the US. Whether you grant them administrative access or want us to integrate their software, we’ll collaborate with them to provide what you need.

Do we need to pay for or use any third-party software?

No, your all-inclusive site supports polls, amenity reservations, and much more. With built-in private messaging and discussion forums, you won’t even need external groups on social media to communicate with residents.

Is our website mobile friendly and responsive?

Both your site and its software support mobile devices, and not just with basic content display. Our deep mobile integration provides built-in camera support that enables residents to use their phones to add photos to messages, discussions, and image galleries, or to attach an image to any communication that requires it.

How customizable is the software?

Our professionally designed modular templates provide the structure for your community’s unique online presence. Design custom fee structures, create surveys and download the results, make all or parts of pages visible only to logged-in residents: Tailor every aspect of your HOA Start site to your community’s needs.

Who owns the content on our website?

You retain full ownership and control of every item of content, from photos and writeups to payment data and documentation. We’ll help you export your data and files whenever you need to download your information.

Do you offer a mobile app?

We plan to offer iOS and Android apps by the 4th quarter of 2024.