Frequently Asked Questions

Your community deserves an amazing site.  We want to share our product with the you and answer any questions you might have.  If you don’t see your question below, please feel free to send an inquiry here.  We look forward to helping you START today!


Getting Started

What’s the difference between a website and a social media page?

It’s not just a website, it’s powerful software as well.  Built for associations of any size, our software scales to meet your needs.  With features and applications including electronic communications, online voting, payments, and reserving amenities, the value add and cost savings are tremendous.

Where do the cost savings come from in having a community website?

By utilizing a website, all communications can be electronic and both printing and shipping supplies become a thing of the past.  The ability to vote online and achieve quorum means being agile when trying to change or hire new vendors.  Save time and avoid litigation by safely housing community documentation and member history including bylaw changes, violations, past dues, and more.

Do we have to be technologically savvy to create a site?

Anyone can build a site in minutes.  With our setup wizard and streamlined process, you can build your communities site and invite residents to use it in no time at all!

Why are you so confident in your product?

We have decades of experience in the association website and design fields.  We’ve worked with and listened to thousands of homeowners and clients as well as HOA management companies throughout the US.  So much so, that they directly impact our continued improvements.  Feel free to ask for our latest developments, or make a request of your own!

How does the free trial work?

Free really is free.  You can start your website any time, no payment information needed!  Just choose the package appropriate for your association and begin building your website!  You have full access to features and applications, as well as our knowledgeable staff.  We believe we offer the best product out there, and want you to see that too!

Will our pricing increase if we have more users?

Our prices will never increase based on your usage; we can support an association of any size.  As we always continue to improve our product and offerings, your price will stay the same.  We have never raised the price of a current client!

After our website is live, what kind of support do we have?

There is a comprehensive and easily searchable knowledgebase for any feature or process in the software.  We regularly update our resources with recent questions and developments, as well as an amazing in-house Support Team to answer any questions in minutes!

Is our community website safe?

Each website has it’s own SSL Certificate.  HTTPS makes a secure connection by establishing an encrypted link between the browser and the server or any two systems. HTTPS provides data integrity by encrypting the data and so, even if hackers manage to trap the data, they cannot read or modify it. This is how we keep your data safe.

Is our community website private?

That is entirely customizable by you.  Any individual page or feature can be made private and only accessible by those with an account, while still maintaining a public home page with information for the public and prospective home buyers.

How long until our residents can use the site?

You are able to invite residents as soon as the first day.  Select your design, input your content, and you can send residents an invitation directly through the new neighborhood website!

How do Admins and Residents utilize the software?

Many activities such as purchasing event tickets or reading the latest notifications can be done directly on the website.  Both admins and residents will have their own personal dashboards that easily let them update personal information and see pending alerts.  They can see their upcoming reservations or events, leverage or pay fees and dues, and so much more.

Can our management company utilize the website?

Absolutely!  Whether they’re an admin in your site or wanting us to integrate with their software offerings, we work with management companies throughout the US.

Do we need to use any third party software?

There is no need to use anything else to poll people, vote, sell tickets, or make reservations.  Everything is available directly in your website.  Even external social media groups aren’t necessary, with the ability to post in forums, message boards, form groups, and even private message one another!

Is our website mobile friendly?

Not only is your website and design mobile friendly, but so is your software!  Need to send your Architectural committee a photo?  Select the Camera option in your message, snap a photo, and send it on it’s way!  We truly offer a product that meets modern expectation.

How customizable is the software?

We have templates for items such as mass emails and texts, but you have complete control.  Whether that’s building custom fee structures, creating surveys from scratch and exporting results, or even changing your members’ welcome message, we invite you to curate a unique experience for your community.

Who own’s the website content?

Your community owns all the content, from pictures to copy to historicals.  You can export information at any time, and we are happy to assist with that as well.

Does your software come with a mobile App?

Currently no, but HOA Start will offer an app on iOS and  Android devices for download later in 2021.