HOA Start Features

Keep your community running smoothly with our easy-to-use HOAs management software. From online payments to communication tools, our software has everything you need to make managing your community a breeze.

HOA Start Features
  • Website Builder

    Website Builder

    Other providers force you to decide among dynamic software, an attractive website, or easy onboarding. With our HOA website builder, you get all three—plus live support to ensure your success.

  • Communications


    Your community needs timely communication among board members, management, and residents. HOA Start website software makes it easy to stay connected and up to date.

  • Event Management

    Event Management

    From small gatherings to weeklong happenings and limited-attendance events, handle all your special occasions with HOA Start’s easy-to-use Event Management tools.

  • Online Payments

    Online Payments

    Association members expect secure online payment solutions. HOA Start provides built-in, easy-to-use, seamless options that encourage users to stay up to date on dues and fees.

  • Reservation System

    Reservation System

    HOA Start’s dynamic amenity reservations process provides instant notifications, individual or shared calendars, and completely customized access and schedules.

  • Secure Database

    Secure Database

    Secure all your community’s data in one place, and stop trying to share information through ineffective social media pages or time-consuming, costly trips to the post office.

  • User Dashboard

    User Dashboard

    HOA Start software delivers an amazing user experience, complete with intuitive, centralized dashboards that summarize current and pending information for quick action on important affairs.

  • Voting & Polls

    Voting & Polls

    Every community that wants to continue to grow needs to vote on critical matters that affect its residents. Make your residents feel heard, empower their involvement in community decisions.

    • Write-in and multiple choice votes
    • Easy to provide proxy voting rights
    • Unlimited questions, flexible answers
    • Easily view and export results
    • See all voting and polls features