5 Steps to Better HOA Management

5 Steps to Better HOA Management

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For most homeowners, their association boards operate as effective governments. They meet regularly and discuss common issues such as maintaining safety and landscaping. At these board meetings, the members vote on decisions regarding major projects, such as adding a pool to a community or conducting a major remodeling project. However, HOA management can be difficult to operate and there may be room for general improvements. Taking advantage of HOA software may solve common administration issues. Below, we list 5 steps to better HOA management.


Better HOA Management Software

Effective HOA Communication Management

Below are just a few ways to improve the communication between members and HOA management. Although these steps are not unfamiliar to most HOA boards, we hope they serve as a refreshing reminder. Often these all can be completed with the assistance of homeowners association management software.

Step 1. Respond to Inquiries in a Timely Manner – Communication management is a continuous process of planning, designing, orchestrating, and executing the processes of internal, public, and community communications. It involves the systematic development, implementation, monitoring, and revising of the various channels of communications. Utilizing an HOA website and HOA software can help office staff stay on top of homeowner and prospect inquiries.

Step 2. Keep Detailed Records of Homeowner Problems – Documenting homeowner problems, and the progress of the resolution is an integral part of a successful HOA management process. One of the best methods for keeping records is through email correspondence. Having a contact form on your HOA website allows members to communicate issues they may have at their convenience.

Step 3. Provide HOA Documents Online – Having the CC&R, and other important documents, on the HOA website’s document repository eliminates the problem of members losing their copy. If there are any new rules, an HOA board can utilize an email blast, text alert, and/or a custom acknowledgment form, which are part of HOA Start’s Professional Package.

Step 4. Provide Online Engagement – Many HOA members have different schedules and this can lead to low attendance to meetings. Having alternative ways for members and the board to stay connected can be highly effective. Using online meeting and webinar applications like Zoom or Skype offer members the option to participate when they can’t be there in person. Also recording meetings for later viewing accommodates those who missed out.

Step 5. Communicate Changes and Updates Regularly – A homeowners’ association website should keep content on it updated regularly. Use technology in your favor and make it easier for your team to convey HOA updates, events, and alerts.


Better HOA Management

Creative Ideas for Better HOA Management

With the help of this HOA website templates, management services are streamlined, membership dues and obligations are minimized, and communication between members and management is made easier. When you are looking for an affordable communication and management tool, consider trying HOA Start’s services. Here are some creative HOA website ideas being used by many HOA and condominium communities across the country:

Video Conferencing:

Online video meetings have become very popular this year, especially during this pandemic. They have even become a preferred method of communication for many who’d rather not assemble at large gatherings. Online video meetings allow for real-time meetings over the Internet from the comfort of home. Online meetings are one of the most effective ways of communicating with members and prospective buyers alike. With a growing emphasis on remote work and web-based collaboration, online meetings have been gaining momentum as the preferred method for conducting face-to-face meetings. These allow people to communicate via a web browser from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day. Having HOA management software allows easy event scheduling using the built-in calendar and e-mail blasts.

If you’re ready to employ a website for your HOA community call 1-888-405-2399 to speak with a team member today.

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