HOA Website Templates | What Are They?

HOA Website Templates | What Are They?

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  1. What is an HOA Website Template?
  2. Why HOA Website Templates Make Designing Easier
  3. Working with HOA Website Templates
  4. Design Tips for Homeowners Association Website Templates
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In the past few decades, designing and launching a custom website might have required hiring experienced web designs and developers. With today’s modern software technology and HOA website hosting companies it has become much easier, with less cost, to get a website up and running in little time. If you’ve been wondering “What Are HOA Website Templates?”, then this article should shed some light on exactly what they are.

What is an HOA Website Template?

HOA websites templates allow non-experts to quickly create a website structure using a preset design. In other words, it is an easy way for you to create a professional HOA website without having to do any programming or do any graphic work. By using a website template with pre-made designs, you will save yourself time and hassle because you won’t have to create your own layout. A pre-designed website will cost you far less money than a custom design as well. You don’t have to understand any technical code that comes associated with website development because the template is automated. The template will allow you to add many functional features to optimize your website for the members. Choose a suitable theme for your website and make sure it is right for the association, and you can also add photos, videos, and many more. Make the website attention-grabbing by giving people a feel of what it is like for the members. You might also include and pictures from past events to make any potential buyer drawn to the association.


Why HOA Website Templates Make Designing Easier

You might be asking yourself… Why should an HOA have a website?  or… How to create an HOA Website?  Good questions, and ponder this: A Homeowners association website look and feel is the first impression people get when visiting their website. An association website is the most effective way to communicate with your members and prospective buyers. It’s important that visitors are able to find the information they are looking for while experiencing a professional design. HOA Start makes the process of creating and customizing a homeowner’s association website super easy by providing a great looking HOA website template to work from. So what is a website template? A HOA website example is one of a website template is simply a preconfigured website that allows you to customize and personalize a website without needing to know web design or web development. Website hosting is often provided with the plan. Often HOA templates come with a color palette and layout already built-in. Coupled with a website builder, a lot of the customizing are drag and drop features.

Working with HOA Website Templates

With HOA website templates, you have the flexibility to customize them to fit your association’s website design needs. You do not have to be a graphic designer to create a beautiful layout that will appeal to people. With this customizable website templates, you also have the freedom to add unique features.
HOA Start website templates also work with our HOA Management software. But what is HOA Software? Well with a powerful software, you can add website features such as;

  • User Dashboards
  • Calendars
  • Private Chat
  • Custom Forms
  • Event Planners
  • Email and Text Communication

… and much more! Web maintenance is easier and you can easily customize the links, contact information, and even the navigation features for your website to ensure that it looks professional and up-to-date.

The use of HOA website templates gives you the freedom to use the latest web technologies when creating a website. HOA Start offers several templates to choose from. You can give your Homeowner’s Association brand the style it deserves and that best reflects your image.

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design tips for HOA Website Templates


Design Tips for Homeowners Association Website Templates

HOA websites should allow you to quickly create a website that will attract customers and clients. Many people are surprised to see how quickly they can design a website that looks professional and unique.
Here are a few tips for using HOA website templates:

Branding – Having a professional HOA website starts with showcasing your brand’s image. Be sure to place your organization’s logo at the top of each page.

Intuitive Navigation – A website’s menu structure should be simple and easy to find. It helps by preplanning where information will reside on the website and creating the menu around it. Be sure that almost everything on the website can be accessed with no more than 2 clicks.

Simplified, clean, and Consistent – Part of an aesthetically appealing website is to not stuff pages with a million bits of information. For example, the homepage should have a clean and consistent layout. The homepage is like the curb appeal is to a home, consider making it warm, friendly, and inviting.

Add Multimedia – Use visual aids like photos, videos, and even animations to make your website more interesting.

Mobile-Friendly – Statistics show that more people are using their mobile phones to access their favorite websites. You’ll want your website to accommodate members and prospective buyers who use their mobile devices to access your website.

Keep Information Fresh – Part of having a successful Homeowner’s Association website is keeping the information on it up-to-date. Using HOA newsletter templates enables the most updated information will ensure that the community isn’t receiving outdated and irrelevant information. HOA Software makes it easy for administrators.

HOA Website Template Tools: The Website Builder

Our website builder is for experienced webmasters and beginners alike. Whether you need to build a master associate website or a condo association website, having the right website-building tools is critical. HOA Start is proud of our website builder tool. We provide easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and live support if the need should arise. Unlike many other HOA website services, you will not be left to figure out everything on your own. Our team of experienced designers can help ensure a successful website launch. We feel that we have the best homeowners association websites on the planet!









Get started with your own community website in a few easy steps

Get started with your own community website in a few easy steps

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