Selecting the Proper Condo Association Website Provider

Selecting the Proper Condo Association Website Provider

A condo association website is meant to make it easy for the residents to communicate and also for the potential buyers to know more about the condos. Selecting the proper condo association website provider doesn’t have to be rocket science. Your Condo Association’s website is the key to staying informed about the organization and keeping in touch with the rest of its many members. A condo association website will show you information about meetings, upcoming conferences, and other activities. It also gives you information about Board memberships, committees, vacancies, and more. Through your Condo Association website, you can post photos, make announcements, and distribute fliers.

There are several benefits to your Condo Association websites. First, these websites provide you with a valuable resource for marketing your organization. When people come to the websites, they can learn more about what the condo association is doing, what services and programs are offered. Many companies offer condo website software to create attractive and user-friendly websites that are very conducive to getting the attention of visitors. The website provider needs to ensure that the website solves any administrative issues that the condo has. They should contain up to date information, and any news about the condo will be available for all the residents promptly.



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Effective and Efficient COA Websites

Other advantages of your website include helping potential home buyers understand the rules, regulations, and guidelines that you and your board have put into effect. Through this website, you can explain why a particular rule exists, how it will be implemented, and what concerns it may cause. By creating an online brochure that gives people details of what you do and what you have accomplished, you are not only informing them, but you are also inviting them to join your organization. When visitors to your website to see other websites that are associated with your association, they can see what you have done and what is being done to preserve the environment and make the community a better place to live. For example, if there are vacancies that need to be filled, you can put up a condominium owners association landing page that will serve as a gateway, leading potential home buyers to the individual unit pages.

Include pictures and videos of the units on the website so that prospects can get a full visual representation of the available space.



An Adequate COA Website Utilizes Software

You can use your Condo Association websites to help you build awareness about issues that concern the whole community. There are various ways you can accomplish this. You can provide a newsletter subscription, or you can allow people who sign up for your newsletter to automatically receive these updates. You can also send out advertisements on your Condo Association websites, or even run special promotions every so often. By having condo association software, you are creating awareness about issues and problems in the community, as well as informing people of the different projects that are planned.

For larger COA communities, one thing you can do to make sure you are reaching all members with relative information is to create multiple Condo Association websites. These will serve the same purpose as your main website, but they will also serve as additional resources for people who sign up to receive your monthly newsletters. These free monthly newsletters will keep everyone informed about what is happening at the board meetings, what other projects are being handled, and other important happenings. Even if you do not participate in most of the decisions at the board meetings, everyone should still know what is going on. Creating a separate Condo Association Website Provider web page will help you make sure everyone stays in the loop. And since the Condo Association gets some of its funding from various homeowner associations and groups, it makes sense to increase communication with these groups and their members.

User-Friendly Templates and Page Builder

The best HOA management software will also include an easy to use COA website builder and beautiful templates to select from. HOA Start, a professional HOA website provider, includes the functional capability and the ability for Homeowners Associations to build customized pages on their website, using a website builder. This gives condo associations and HOA’s flexibility to create an association website that best reflects their goals and objectives.

In addition to all of these services, there are additional features that can be found on some of the more popular HOA websites. These include features that allow you to manage emergency preparedness, keep track of disciplinary actions that have been taken against those who are found to be in violation of your policies, post notices to property owners in regards to any new projects that have been approved and an internet-based calendar of events that will allow you to keep up with what is going on with your community while away from the home. The internet has made it easier than ever for associations to upgrade to an HOA website service plan. If your HOA wants to take advantage of this, contact us today.


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Register for our August 1st webinar on The Importance of an HOA Website.

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