6 Actionable Steps to Building a Condo Website

6 Actionable Steps to Building a Condo Website

If you are a condominium association director, property owner, or HOA head, you know the process of discovering, purchasing, and maintaining a condominium or apartment. In today’s competitive real estate market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach new clients with your brand and company and convince them to give your properties a try. You also know the valuable time that is spent in answering common questions and addressing miscommunications and frustrations.

In today’s digital age, one of the best ways to reach your community with engaging content and informative updates is with powerful HOA websites.

Your Condo Website Must-Haves

There are many reasons why condominium companies are moving toward a digital-first mindset. Like many businesses, as the world continues to move online to do their business, it is becoming increasingly essential that you have an online storefront to engage customers. Businesses who lack a robust web presence will simply not survive in the new digital age.

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Looking for the basics you need to have a competitive condominium website? Here is a short list of the “must-haves” for developing your association website:


Consistent & Engaging Content: Keeping exciting and informative content on your association website will help increase your website traffic, and helps your current members keep up with the latest from your association.

Responsive Design & Easy Navigation: With more individuals using smartphones and tablets to surf the web, your site’s design and navigation should be fast, responsive, and easy to read on any device.

Membership Benefits: Your condominium website should have plenty of information regarding the associational membership benefits, and included content that will excite potential customers to sign up with your association.

Association FAQs: Another great way to use your website is by including a list of frequently-asked-questions that many current and prospective members often ask. This can help increase your traffic, and slow down repetitive customer service needs.

Community Tools  & Upcoming Events:  In order to continue to build a strong condominium community, your site should include information related to upcoming events, condominium updates, and other relevant information that your members are looking for.

Effective Calls-To-Action: Finally, no condominium website design is complete with a strong set of CTAs that encourage site visitors to take a next step – either to contact your team, find out more information, or get started purchasing a new condominium!

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A well-built condominium website will work hard for you to increase your company’s reputation, brand recognition, and build a strong community of members through effective communication and marketing. If you want to truly make your condominium association one of the strongest in the industry, a robust website is the way to go!

How Should You Design Your Condo Website?

Once you decide to begin utilizing a strong condominium website software, the next step is to design a strong website that allows you to quickly engage clients.

Before you get started, it is wise to set down a design for what your ideal condo website will look and function like. This initial step can seem overwhelming, but it is vital to ensure that you create a site that is not only effective for your current member but also entices potential future clients to check you out!

As seen above, your condominium website should include many elements that potential and current clients will expect and enjoy. Your site should also reflect your association in brand color, logo placement, and copy that reflects your community’s values and mission.

Design Your New Site With The Experts At HOA Start

One of the best ways to ensure that you build a strong association website is by teaming up with an expert in the web design industry. The team at HOA Start has experience in creating and implementing successful websites for a variety of associations and HOAs that not only engage visitors but convert potential clients into new owners.

Ready to Build a Condo Website?

If you would like to learn more about how to get started building an industry-leading condo website in 2020, contact the HOA Start team today!


Get started with your own community website in a few easy steps

Get started with your own community website in a few easy steps

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