Why Should You Have a HOA Website

Why Should You Have a HOA Website

The importance of why should you have an HOA website is not to be undermined. From this website tool, potential buyers can peruse the rules that govern the website and make insightful decisions. The website platform is the most excellent tool for the business community to communicate and make decisions to move forward. Besides, having a website brings on the following benefits to the community.

Benefits of having an HOA Website

  1. Saves time- A HOA website enables the community and the HOA to spend less time in Board and Committee meetings using the Task Manager. Time is of the essence in every situation. By clicking on the HOA website, you access a lot of details immediately. Discussions and deliberations are handled on the website, questions and answers are done on the site, which saves much time for the user. 
  2. Meetings are secured online- the HOA website enables meetings to be held online and minutes posted on the site. Post-meeting minutes are guaranteed online for residents as well as for Board reviews.
  3. Handling financial needs adequately- For every institution to succeed, be it financial or otherwise, there is a need to track its operations. Transparency and accountability are key to every business. Homeowners association is not exceptional in this cause. In this regard, having an HOA website ensures that financial needs are handled with full TOPS accounting integration. 
  4. Eliminating newsletters postage by email bulletins- The HOA  software comes in handy to save postage costs. Due to the availability of email bulletins, newsletters get attached to the emails. This attachment keeps the postage expenses that would be incurred if the website was not available. 
  5. Assessment of payment. Residents make payments quickly every month. The residents appreciate the HOA website by looking at outstanding items, information, and even notices posted on the website. 

Building and maintaining relationships with your vendors is vital to your institution. Additionally, good relationships strengthen the partnership bonds, assuring you of future business with your partners. The website, then, ought to communicate on time to the vendors to create awareness of any emerging issues thereof.  

The HOA website should include some useful things to the vendors; there is a need to update the website with relevant information and new and fresh content to engage residents adequately. 

Useful things to include in the HOA website

Governing documents.  

  1. To indicate the authenticity of the website to the users and information seekers

Emergency contact information.   

  1. Emergencies need to be handled with urgency. Contact information needs to be provided to be availed to everyone visiting the website.
  2. Forms and applications for the different activities and their requirements. The activities scheduled in the Homeowners Association Software program of the year should be posted with the potential vendors’ needs to apply.
  3. Rules for the neighborhood. Rules and regulations govern every institution. The same institution should roll out bylaws governing the external stakeholders and post them to the website. HOA websites should then have the rules for the neighborhood available to any site visitor. 

In conclusion, it is evident for a HomeOwners Association to its website, and the benefits of having the website are tantamount than when not having one. 

Get started with your own community website in a few easy steps

Get started with your own community website in a few easy steps

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