What Software does Associa Use?

What Software does Associa Use?

Associa is one of the largest community management companies in the United States, overseeing thousands of homeowner associations (HOAs) across North America. 

With so many properties to manage, having robust HOA software program to track finances, maintenance, communications, and more is essential. Associa utilizes several software platforms to provide community management services to its HOA clients and has quickly grown into a behemoth of a toolset, leaving many associations scrambling to either pay up for the features or look elsewhere.

But what are the features that underpin the Associa solution – and what software stack holds up such a massive operation? Let’s take a look at the tools that Associa uses to help HOAs and associations manage their communities – and how you can take advantage of those same features with your very own customized HOA software (without relying on Associa as your go-to suite.)



The Main Software in Associa’s Stack

With thousands of homeowner associations under its management, having a robust technology platform is critical for Associa. This allows its team to efficiently oversee the many operational and governance aspects that comprise community management.

Associa’s software stack likely includes both proprietary systems designed in-house, as well as commercially available solutions.

Proprietary Software

At the core is likely an internal HOA management software platform Associa has developed specifically to handle resident records, accounting/budgeting, work orders, violation tracking and communication tools. Building key functionality in-house allows closer integration between systems and customization to match Associa’s specific use cases.

Supplementary Commercial Software

While proprietary software covers the specialized HOA management tasks, Associa probably augments its tech stack with common commercial platforms, including:

  • Industry-standard accounting software like QuickBooks complements the accounting capabilities in their custom HOA software.
  • Cloud-based document storage/management solutions like Box or Dropbox provide additional community file sharing and backup.
  • Website builders and content management systems like WordPress to power community websites and Associa’s online resident portals.
  • Email marketing and communication tools like Mailchimp integrate with the notification features in their systems.

By blending purpose-built software with commercial solutions, Associa can likely achieve both customization and scale across the many HOAs under its management. The integration capabilities between these various platforms also streamline data and processes.

Going Beyond the Software Platforms

While having the right property management software in place is crucial for a company like Associa to handle so many HOA clients, simply adopting an off-the-shelf solution has its limitations. Each homeowner association has its own unique needs, priorities, budget, and culture.

That’s why taking a technology platform approach tailored specifically to an HOA can yield better results when it comes to community governance and management. With a customized stack of solutions focused on financial oversight, utilities and sustainability tracking, facilities maintenance coordination, and community engagement, an HOA can get more specialized support.

For example, a community may want to provide detailed utility usage reporting for homeowners to encourage conservation efforts. Others may have unique maintenance needs like servicing shared community farmland or equestrian facilities. Still, others want to enable seamless digital voting and polling rather than rely on paper ballots for important community decisions.

While platforms like Associa meet general industry needs, boutique, customized software can transform an HOA’s operations to be more efficient, transparent, and residential-focused. The ability to choose solutions that truly align with a community’s needs and culture is the hallmark of a tailored approach.

HOA Start – Association Software Customized for Your Community

HOA Start recognizes that each homeowners association is unique, with its own priorities, budget and culture. That’s why we take a tailored approach to community management technology.

We provide all the essential software tools needed to operate an HOA – accounting, work orders, document storage, etc. But we go beyond the basics to allow custom solutions that meet specialized needs.

For instance, our platform enables seamless digital voting and polling for community decisions when paper ballots don’t make sense. We provide detailed utility and sustainability reporting to homeowners to encourage conservation efforts if that aligns with community goals. And we coordinate preventative maintenance and upkeep across all facilities, whether that includes shared equestrian areas, community farming resources, or more traditional amenities.

The key advantage HOA Start brings compared to mass-market solutions from large national brands is our ability to customize. We work with each association to understand their culture, budget, and priorities. Then, we match them with technology to meet those unique governance and management needs.

You have a voice in selecting the features you need rather than paying for those you don’t. This allows us to provide a more tailored, specialized approach community by community that larger platforms simply can’t match. We keep your residents happier and your association running more efficiently through customization without the overhead.

Let HOA Start show you what custom-built HOA software technology can unlock for your community.

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