The Complete Guide to HOA Software for 2021

The Complete Guide to HOA Software for 2021

What is the HOA Software? 

A guide to HOA software for 2021 is a platform for the management of many aspects of their activities.  

HOA software usually deals with managing a particular part of HOA activities – accounting, scheduling, payment, and CC&R implementation.  However, the software can also consist of a whole range of different modules that help with various HOA’s processes.  We refer to those software packages as the all-in-one HOA management software.

Why Use HOA Management Software 

The most straightforward answer is that HOA software can take off your plate with much effort.  Reducing workload is not all below are other main advantages of software solutions for HOA running.

  • HOA software will make the processes more streamlined.  Various self-managed HOA software packages will assist you in administering all the records, issuing reports and letters of infringements, receiving payments, handling books, and much more.  Besides, since the software automatically does many of these, it spends time concentrating on other HOA aspects. 
  • You can work from anywhere with the HOA website.  Almost all of the solutions currently on the market are web-based, so you can use a dedicated program to access data on any device or mobile phone.
  • With a dedicated HOA app, all records and data concerning your company are available in one location.  This will be open to all key stakeholders, mostly through mobile applications, making everyone better accountable. 
  • Instead of living on one or more computers or hard copies in a set of files, the data is even safer when stored in a cloud-based system.
  • The program will improve communication internally and externally.  This is partly because all the knowledge is in one location.  When everybody has access to all of the knowledge on a topic, it is much easier to make decisions and reach a consensus on different issues.

What to Consider While Buying A HOA Software

The most crucial point to note is that your software developer can introduce packages that meet your needs.  Some packages assist in most of HOA’s organizational operations.  However, you also can use software that only supports some aspects of the association’s operation. 

For example, you will not need to invest in the full-blown HOA kit to streamline the CC&E implementation and have a tool for tracking inspections, issuing infringement messages, and reporting.  In the same way, you should concentrate on the software package if you primarily want to create a website for your HOA Management Software.

Best HOA Management Software 

Accounting and Online Payments Software

  • Tops
  • LegFi
  • Money Minder 
  • QuickBooks
  • Appfolio

Cc&R Enforcement – HOA Violations Software 

  • HOALife


  • CondoManager
  • Bitrix24

Community Portals/Member Database Management

  • Condo Control Central

Document Management

  • board space

Calendar and Scheduling

  • ConciergePlus
  • forward pass

Website Builders and Website Management

  • HOAExpress
  • HOA Ally

It is not a small feat to run an HOA, and your hands are still full.  Fortunately, however, many aspects of integration with unique software packages can be automated and simplified.  Some help with unique HOA components, some help with anything you need to do. 

In this article, you discovered the best packages available on the market for Homeowners Association Software today.  The list will help you to select the kit for your company to handle.

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Get started with your own community website in a few easy steps

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