The A – Z guide to HOA Software

The A – Z guide to HOA Software

What Is HOA Software?

Nowadays, HOA software is a cloud-based real estate software package designed to help neighborhood association property managers handle houses, condominiums, residences, student housing, and even investment buildings and tenants.

The HOA software’s overall aim is to help homeowner/group housing associations achieve their objectives of protection of property value, community quality of life, and compliance with HOA regulations.

The relevance of HOA software

Group Managers: Get comprehensive HOA website tools for contact with stakeholders, accounting activities, contracts for work, and verification of compliance

Members’ board: establish accountability and get HOA records and maintenance records under control.
Communities: contact and inform, contact, pay dues, and connect with members of the HOA Board and property managers. You will update your contact and profile details and keep track of meetings and dates.

Functions of HOA software

  • Collection of HOA Software fees
  • Paying bills
  • Income monthly expense
  • Reports on the balance sheet
  • Annual budget analyses, financial reports, and tax reports
  • Collection and repair management, receipts for repairs
  • Financial and management reporting in real-time
  • User-friendly portal to develop a helpful and sensitive platform for contact between tenant and board members
  • Tracking and resolving violations of property or tenant

Common HOA Management Software

Accounting and Online Payments Software

  • Tops
  • LegFi
  • Money Minder
  • QuickBooks
  • Appfolio

Cc&R Enforcement – HOA Violations Software

  • HOALife


  • CondoManager
  • Bitrix24

Community Portals/Member Database Management

  • Condominium Control Central

Document Management

  • Board space

Calendar and Scheduling

  • ConciergePlus
  • Forward pass

Website Builders and Website Management

  • HOAExpress
  • HOA Ally

HOA Management Software Should Be Dependable

HOA management should carefully examine any chosen applications for HOA use. Look for online customer satisfaction feedback and app experience. You can also contact other HOA Management Software users and learn what their reviews about them.

Make HOA Management Physically Secure

Make sure that you keep your computer in a physically secure place. It will help if you keep your computer and other valuables in a secure place. You might want to lock your computer in a locked area to ensure physical security.

Stellar Customer Service on HOA Management Software

It is essential to have a customer care system when dealing with customers or, in these cases, tenants, to ensure quick and precise problems. Investigate how their customer service, their average waiting time is, and their service hours.

Use HOA Management on Secure Computers

You cannot prevent a security breach of your computer or electronic device by having the most secure homeowner management software. Ensure that the firewalls and antivirus software are on your devices to protect the data at your end.

Firewalls make it harder to hack from a remote area on your computer. Antivirus serves to safeguard your computer against malware, often without your awareness, which can give the hacker access to the computer.

HOA Management Software Should Offer More Than Enough Protection.

The security protocols necessary for the management of information on associations change over time. The software program needs to encrypt all information stored. Therefore, if an unauthorized person accesses the information, they will have difficulty understanding.

Homeowners Association  Software should distribute data on several servers as the safest way to store data. This will not allow someone to collect all the information if he or she has access to any servers.

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Get started with your own community website in a few easy steps

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