Support Documents

Our products don’t require a web designer’s assistance or any technical setup. We have carefully created the templates, software, and admin portals with information to make them easy for you to use. However, we know there will be times you may have a question that needs further instructions, either through our Quick Reference Guide documentation and Support Series Videos.

Below you will find informative documentation and support videos to help you better understand many of our most popular software features. Our Quick Reference Guide PDFs are extremely helpful for new users and a great refresher for those Admins that have not worked in software recently. For your convenience, these documents can be viewed directly in your browser by simple clicking on the links below, downloaded as a PDF and opened in Acrobat, or sent to your local network computer printer if you prefer a hard copy.

We also offer our Video Support Series collection. Like our reference guides, these how-to videos provide step-by-step guidance to help you better understand how to best use many of the software’s most popular features. These are a great resource for getting up to speed quickly.

We are always looking to providing the best support possible. If there is a topic not covered here, please let us know. We love Customer Feedback to make our user experience better. Remembers, Admins have full access to our Help Desk Support that can be accessed through the Admin Panel when logged into the software. Here you can open a support ticket for additional help.