How to Explain the Need for an HOA Website to Your HOA Board

How to Explain the Need for an HOA Website to Your HOA Board

HOA Website Improved Community Communications

The need for an HOA Website for communities or corporations while balancing the neighborhood interests is increasingly getting indispensable. The responsibilities entailed in such business operations and community building calls for professional support. The need for an HOA website is greater now than ever before. 

For centuries, good communication has proved one of the most important factors in successfully running organizations. Gone are the days when one would type letters, knock on an organization’s gates, or physically market their products and services. Communicating through bulletin boards and newsletters are long gone, too, thanks to technology.

Homeowners associations (HOAs) can now rely on community websites for pretty much anything. Tons of dedicated features facilitate smoother operations. These include the collection of dues, organizing meetings, security management, maintenance aspects, and so much more.

Why Every HOA Needs a Website

Property management organizations are fast-paced. This calls for the ability to keep up with what’s happening with technology today. Any HOA management software should be up to speed to discover new tools, apps, and software and learn how to implement the appropriate ones. The intuitive choice of website or app should automate operations to focus on what’s important.

An HOA website can streamline most tasks, making it easier for members to stay in the loop. Board members may also benefit from the automation of routine tasks. A well-built website can host news, member’s directories, events calendar, pass announcements or other information, and secure online payment processing.

Benefits of Having an HOA Website

Stronger community relationships – Planned community developments foster a sense of togetherness among individual members or residents. Apart from sharing the same amenities and space, the association’s residents participate in community events, thereby strengthening the bond.

Simplified communication and informed community – You can customize your HOA website to include all sorts of nuanced communication features. Residents can log in and access the private section of the website that contains the community’s pertinent information.

It’s a huge leap to advertise your HOA – Aside from passing useful information to the community, the website expands your marketing efforts beyond fliers, posters, and billboards. Just ensure your website depicts the quality prospects of your community.

Easy access to other important services – Your community website could gain links to government websites, recreation centers, emergency contact information, utility companies, etc.

Important Uses of HOA Website by the Board and Residents

HOA Board

An HOA website can open a world of convenience to the board by supporting:

– Distribution of important announcements and passing information on the community’s amenities and facilities

– Sharing the association’s governing documents, reports, and meeting minutes

– Creation of password-protected website sections for members and private information

– Reduction of normal operation costs like mailing and printing

– Removal of bulk materials like document files and minute books from office

– Collection of fees and dues online

– Advertisement of the HOA’s products and services to potential new members

HOA Members

– Possibility of making facility reservations from anywhere using the internet

– Association’s residents can pay dues online

– Send maintenance requests from the comfort of their stay

– Minimized postage costs

– Keeps residents abreast of important association’s information and community changes

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Register for our August 1st webinar on The Importance of an HOA Website.

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