Highlight Your Community’s Events with Easy-to-Use HOA Website Features

Highlight Your Community’s Events with Easy-to-Use HOA Website Features

Are you tired of the hassles of trying to organize, publicize, and process reservations for community events? Does even the simplest get together leave you buried in e-mail messages as you go back and forth with residents who lose track of the details, or forget to remit payment for events with admission tickets? Don’t you wish you simply could add these events to your homeowners association website, enable residents to sign up for tickets, and process online payments for those events that do include a fee?


If you don’t yet have a homeowners website, or your current site lacks the ability to support these kinds of features, then maybe it’s time you looked at a different website software provider, one that understands the types of features your community needs and provides them in a powerful, easy-to-use format. At HOAStart, we think these features should be within reach of every homeowners association—and we believe they should be intuitive, convenient, and complete.

Simple event interface

No one wants to spend hours and hours trying to figure out all the details of an event and put them together in a flyer that they then have to distribute as an e-mail attachment. Instead of all those complexities, wouldn’t you rather work your way through a logical setup process that enables you to fill in all the details in a logical order, with context-sensitive data fields that appear only if they’re relevant to the choices you’ve already made? Furthermore, wouldn’t you rather be able to make easy changes to your setup if and when your plans change—or even eliminate an event that you’re forced to cancel?


At HOAStart, we’ve spent years working with homeowners associations. We understand the features you expect and we’ve built them into our website software platform. Type and tab your way through our easy-to-complete interface, and before you know it, you’ve created all the details of your event—which automatically appears on your website calendar. From simple cookouts for which you only want to tally a head count so you know how much food to provide, all the way up to health fairs or pet adoption events or whatever your community wants to do: With an HOAStart website, you can enter your event details and instantly populate them onto your website for easy signup.

Simple online reservations

When you create and manage event registrations through largely manual systems, you wind up dealing with an inbox full of e-mail messages and confusion. And that’s just the event management details. If you’re stuck with a print-it-out-and-mail-it method, you’re also stuck dealing with stamps, envelopes, paper, and mail distribution, not to mention all the potential complications of accepting paper payments.


At HOAStart, we’ve made the reservation process as easy to complete as the event setup itself. When residents check their online community calendar, they can see each event name, click on it for more details, and sign up right on your website. They instantly know the cost of an event that involves paid admission tickets. They just as quickly receive confirmation of their reservations. And behind the scenes, you can decide whether to limit signup to specific community groups, open the event to all your residents, or even set up an event that’s accessible to the general public.

Secure online payments

Those paper payments that are the price of admission to paid events in old-fashioned event reservation processes cause more headaches than most community administrators want to discuss. First, where do you deposit them—and who is responsible for that task? Second, what do you do in the event that a check fails to clear your bank? And finally, what do you tell residents who ask why your homeowners association website doesn’t accept online payments for events?


When you set up your HOA website with HOAStart, you don’t have to process manual payments, find a payment processor, or come up with an explanation of why you don’t accept online payments. That’s because we include online payments as a secure standard feature of all our sites. Not only does this capability dramatically simplify the collection of routine periodic HOA dues and fees, but it also vastly eases the process of staging events with paid admission tickets.


Now you don’t have to research or try to negotiate with payment processors, and you don’t need to work your way through a complex process to add payments to your website. Most importantly, you don’t need to worry about whether the payment processor you choose offers truly secure payment options that protect the personally identifiable information your community residents share in the process of making these payments.

Functionality for your peace of mind

If you’re like most homeowners association administrators, your responsibilities to your community may look like a full-time job at times, but you’re probably a part-time volunteer. In fact, most HOA administrators already have full-time jobs—and anything that a homeowners association website can do to make their administrative chores less complex and easier to accomplish eases their way through the processes in front of them.


If community happenings have become cumbersome, complex, and difficult to put together, why not simplify the process with a homeowners association website that makes it easy to create, manage, and collect payments for these events? At HOAStart, we understand how much these events contribute to establishing and maintaining a lively, vibrant community with great relationships among members and plenty of enjoyable excitement that makes your neighborhoods easy to market to prospective residents. That’s why we’ve made sure that our event features support you with powerful capabilities and easy setup.


Want to see how our HOA websites excel for communities like yours? Sign up for a free 30-day trial and experience the HOAStart difference for yourself. We’re so convinced that you’ll fall in love with the robust features we offer, the convenience we provide, and the security and flexibility your residents will enjoy, that we don’t even ask you to provide credit card information when you sign up for our free trial.

Get started with your own community website in a few easy steps

Get started with your own community website in a few easy steps

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