A 5-Step HOA Website Guide (That Anyone Can Follow)

A 5-Step HOA Website Guide (That Anyone Can Follow)

Homeowner’s associations (HOAs) are some of the fastest-growing forms of housing in the USA. HOAs govern millions of American homes. Below is a 5-Step HOA Website Guide to help with your understanding. One of the reasons people are increasingly embracing HOAs is the aspect of residents of the associations feeling like they’re part of them. It’s appropriate to always keep information and details always at your resident’s fingertips. Let them see that you’re making things better.

An HOA website is an excellent tool to communicate and keep information accessible by the association’s residents. You can utilize it to enlist your planned developmental projects, post your meeting minutes, and keep the residents informed with every detail.

Why You Need to Build an HOA Website

You need to stop chasing paper and payments and just let things run smoothly. Imagine calling and relying on flyers for every moment in this digitized period. Go the easy way by posting updates on your new HOA website or send information from your website automatically to all residents by email. You could also set up automatic invoices and reminders so that you remain hands-off on dues’ collection.

A new HOA website doesn’t only benefit the board, but also the residents. Members of the association would be more aware of events, attend general membership meetings more regularly, and use online booking to reserve the community room.

A website reveals the secret of how awesome your association is, boosts your credibility and your brand so that more people can take notice of your services and products. This generates more potential residents. All you have to do is emphasize your unique amenities, events, friendly neighbors, and natural beauty through photos and posts on your website.

5-Step Guide to Set Up an HOA Website

  1. Choose a Website Builder and Domain Name

    Many website builders can assist in the process. Some like WordPress could feel more complex, but they allow for greater customization. Others such as Homepage specialize in developing websites for HOAs. These tend to suit every need and desire of any community and its members. It’s easy to register your domain name with most HOA website builders.

  2. Customize Your Web Design

    Once you set up your domain name, you can customize the look of your website. By tailoring a range of features such as layout, color, imagery, content, scheme and so much more, you enhance the feel of your new website. You could edit your HOA logo, and add the About and Contact sections.

  3. Build Engaging Content for Homeowners

    Market your website with helpful association’s information. Strive to provide engaging content for homeowners. You could have the following pages on your HOA website:
    Board of Directors
    Community News
    Community Calendar
    Groups Directory
    Neighborhood History
    Online Forums
    Payment Portals
    Downloadable Forms
    There could much more features and content to beautify your webpages.

  4. Preview and Publish Your Website

    Thoroughly proofread any content before letting it go live. Be careful on typos. Recheck the photos. Check load time across different browsers and devices. Ensure all items are correctly linked, and that there is good consistency across desktop and mobile.

  5. Invite Homeowners to Register

    Once you launch the new HOA website, it’s important to spread the word. You could invite the homeowners to register with a unique registration code. Branded, well-designed mailing could also foster good communication with your homeowners.

Get started with your own community website in a few easy steps

Get started with your own community website in a few easy steps

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