6 Homeowners Association Website Lessons That Will Pay Off

6 Homeowners Association Website Lessons That Will Pay Off

You may be wondering what to include on your HOA website to ensure maximum results. Here are the top six  Homeowners Association Website lessons to learn from.

Tenants Exchange Platform

You may want to reduce your one on one engagement with the tenants and give them time to engage independently. You should not forget the residents’ exchange platform. The resident exchange platform relieves you from extra work for planning and running events for your tenants since they do them independently.

You may want to make sure that the residents have a forum where they can interact and exchange with each other, for instance, instead of organizing events for the residents, and you can give the room to organize themselves. This way, they bond as neighbors.

HOA Managerial Restrictions

Since the website is accessible to both the HOA members and the residents, you might want to

Keep some personal details. For instance, not everyone should have access to the previous minutes of the board meeting or any other sensitive information without following the right procedure. Therefore, on your HOA website, you should have a feature that helps you restrict sure of the managerial details.

Secure the HOA Details

You should include the managerial restriction to ensure that the HOA details are secure and not available to unauthorized personnel. For instance, records of tenants’ dues should strictly be available to the management and not other persons.

Tenant HOA Dues Should Be Private

The resident’s details should be private and not publicly available on the website. For instance, if a particular tenant is behind with their HOA dues, this information should only reflect in their respective accounts and not publicly on the website.

Responsive Design

You will want to create your HOA site on a reactionary platform so that you get a clear view of your site from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Your community will visit your HOA websites on all types of devices and want them to experience well regardless of their use. Make sure you inquire if the product would be sensitive before selecting an HOA website. Nowadays, this is necessary.

Photo Gallery

It seems irrelevant and not significant, but a photo gallery for your group website can significantly increase members’ participation and popularity. Keep a photo gallery up to date, invite members to visit your website, and show prospective homebuyers how to live within your neighborhood. If you have a summer barbecue, bring your pictures with your camera and share the images.

News and Community Updates

How do you get your news and details from your community? A website is an excellent place to post your HOA events. You can use a blog or news section on your website to post the latest updates and upcoming events. This should be easy to access and easy to handle for your members. In order to maintain the neighborhood website up-to-date at least monthly, try sharing updates.

Document Management

The associations of homeowners appear to have several different documents to exchange with their societies. It is best if you had a simple way to share it with the members, whether minutes of meetings, rules, regulations, or financial statements. Ensure that you find out how you do document management before you commit to an HOA Website solution. You want your group to be easy to handle and easy to reach.

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Register for our August 1st webinar on The Importance of an HOA Website.

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