White-Glove Services

White-Glove Services
White-Glove Services
A plan for using your time wisely

A plan for using your time wisely

We understand your time as a volunteer is limited. Between work, family, and other responsibilities, you may not have enough time to take on a project of this size.

One message we’ve consistently received from clients over the years is whether we offered a “hands-off” option.  People wanted a plan that would allow them to send their information to our team and offer ideas on how it should be organized, but they wanted to have an expert do the website build.

They also craved an experience where they could do live training with a Concierge for a one-on-one connection to help with their questions in real-time.  Quite simply, many organizations wanted a first-class experience.  That’s why we created the White-Glove plan.

Get Started

Sit back and let your Concierge coordinate the project

With the White-Glove plan, your Concierge will schedule a Zoom meeting with your designated point of contact or team. Together, you’ll talk about the project and create a plan for what needs to be accomplished.
From there, your Concierge will start the setup process and populate the site with the content you send over. As the site nears completion, your Concierge will schedule time to make sure you or your team are trained in admin tasks we don’t manage.

What We Manage:

One-Time Services

  • Setup of Original Website Template
  • Setup of Domain (if we were hired to register) and SSL

Annual Services

  • Website Updates
  • Scheduled Live Session Support Calls with your Concierge
  • Photo Uploads
  • Document Uploads
  • New Page Creation and Content Updates
  • Electronic Forms Creation
  • Events Creation
  • Amenities Creation
  • Committees Creation
  • Boardroom Meetings Creation
  • Sponsors Creation
  • Custom Fields Creation
  • Dues/Invoice/One-Time Payment Creation
  • Newsfeed Posts

What You Manage:

Annual Services

  • Management of Member Payments
  • Management of Stripe Accounts
  • Management of QuickBooks Accounts
  • Management of Proptia Accounts
  • Management of Member Event Registrations
  • Management of Member Amenity Reservations
  • Management of Member Registration and Approval/Rejections
  • Management of Digital Form Submissions (incl: Violations, Polls, Voting, Ticketing, ARC, etc.)
  • Management of Committees
  • Management of Board Meetings or events scheduled through the Boardroom
  • Management of Sponsors
  • Management of Emails and Text Communications between the Board and Members
Launch and beyond

Launch and beyond

When your website build is near completion, your Concierge will help coordinate the launch announcement to your members.  They’ll make suggestions on how and when to notify the community.

Through the remainder of the year, your Concierge is available to continue to manage their responsibilities as needed.  If you need to have an online meeting, simply schedule one with your Concierge.

As the renewal year comes to an end, determine if the White-Glove plan makes sense for your organization, or if you’d like to move to the Premium plan and manage it on your own with the help of our online Customer Support staff.

First Steps – Quoting Your Project

Every organization is unique.  That’s why we don’t offer a “one size fits all” plan.  We customize the services and quote to cater your needs!

To provide you amazing service at an accurate price, we’ll schedule time to talk with you and learn about your project.  Once we understand exactly what your community needs, we’ll provide quotes to build and manage your site.

There’s never been an easier path to success!  With a history of glowing reviews, successful project launches, and reasonable rates, there’s no reason to wait.  Please fill out the form to get started!

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