Why You Need Self-Managed HOA Software NOW!

Why You Need Self-Managed HOA Software NOW!

Self-managed condo associations or homeowners associations are HOAs that rely solely on members of the association. At HOAStart, we provide self-managed HOA software that an HOA board can use to run their community with greater ease. Specifically, self-managed homeowners associations don’t have professional help from an HOA manager or management company, which makes using the HOA management software that we offer even more beneficial.

Excel_Google Sheets

Managing Small HOAs through Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets

Self-managed HOAs need to be organized, often for legal reasons. Small HOAs can stay organized through existing software that’s available on computer systems to create documents and spreadsheets.

Self-managed HOAs that use off-the-shelf programs such as Microsoft Office have access to Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and various other applications. Google Sheets is a free, web-based option similar to Excel that only requires internet access to use. Extremely small self-managed HOAs often use these options.

Spreadsheets: An Easy-to-Use Solution

The fundamental features of Excel and Google Sheets are relatively user friendly and well documented. Many tutorials exist to help you filter and manage your data in Excel.

Spreadsheets: Easy Layouts

The many available spreadsheet templates include payroll, calculators, timesheets, and accounting functions. Created by third-party firms, these templates can help some small self-managed HOAs stay better organized.

Spreadsheets: Easily Interchangeable

Excel integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft software and services for data processing and sources, visual representations of information, and e-mail transmission. Readily available, easy-to-use APIs for Excel and Google Sheets make it simple to transform or export spreadsheet files and data quickly with various other software programs.


Intuit QuickBooks

The very first step toward improving HOA accounting functions usually is QuickBooks, an industry standard bookkeeping package. It is relatively easy for a self-managed HOA board to use on its own or with an accountant. QuickBooks provides a reasonably economical software program that is readily available to small HOAs.

Quickbooks: An Inexpensive Software Solution

QuickBooks is an inexpensive software package that completes basic accounting tasks that a growing community needs. Because many individuals use QuickBooks, an HOA board member very likely would have experience in using this software successfully. QuickBooks is one of the most enduring bookkeeping packages on the market. It includes all the accounting capabilities a small self-managed HOA would need, with complete cashflow management, online payment tracking, and even monetary reporting,

Unfortunately, QuickBooks was not created exclusively for efficient management of small HOAs or condominium associations. HOAs may find that the software includes some restrictions, and that it doesn’t include internet-based functionality for home owners to make payments or see community records.

Software as a Service

Software as a Service

The Software as a Service solution (SaaS) is what we feel is the best optio,n available from HOAStart. We provide the best HOA management software program that includes the regular monthly accountancy requirement solutions you need. Instead of purchasing a software program, the HOAStart solution is the preferred option that provides a complete, professional self-managed HOA software solution.

Advantages to HOA Start for Your Self-Managed HOA

SaaS is Economical

Selecting SaaS can lead to considerable savings for a variety of reasons. To begin, SaaS removes the startup costs an HOA has to pay for purchase and installation. Saas removes the need for an HOA to conduct upkeep activities and track regular upgrades. Rather than investing massive amounts of money on hardware and software resources, SaaS is easily downloadable and maintenance-free from the customer’s end.

The pay-as-you-go functionality of the Software as a Service solution allows a self-managed HOA to manage costs easily. This enables you to spend the money only for the software application you are utilizing and not waste your resources on features you don’t need. A registration SaaS, like HOAStart, removes the financial danger that goes along with purchasing costly software applications.

At HOAStart, we deal with every aspect of the complex IT infrastructure required for successfully running an HOA. When we release company applications through SaaS, you no longer need to worry about time-consuming, costly maintenance of hardware or stress over choosing an operating system. As the vendor, we handle all of that, allowing your self-managed HOA to liberate its resources and reroute them toward other, more-critical needs.

Time Management Savings

We have all heard the saying that time is money. Thankfully, a SaaS option like the HOA management software program available at HOAStart can assist your self-managed HOA in saving time and money. For SaaS applications, software installation involves nothing more than a hyperlink and a log-in. Additionally, we handle all the software and hardware maintenance duties, which eliminates any potential downtime or added time required to upgrade traditional software applications.

SaaS HOA Start Software

Ease of Access and Scalability

Yet another positive attribute of SaaS is that it offers a high level of adaptability. Because we maintain the software and hardware, self-managed homeowners associations that choose HOAStart can quickly adapt their usage plan without any advance notice, enabling them to adapt instantaneously to change and growth. Moreover, you can access our solution anywhere on the planet where you have internet access. We’ve found that our software management program users can quickly access needed information successfully from anywhere, making running their HOA a great deal simpler for busy people who are in charge of their self-managed HOA.

Highly Compatible

In the conventional approach to software program setup, updates can be taxing as well as costly. Users often discover compatibility problems that emerge because of version discrepancies. When you use SaaS through HOAStart, you can log in to the current updated version of our software program without having to perform any update procedures. Our responsibility is to take care of upgrades and updates, which eliminates the requirement to set up patches.

HOAStart’s HOA management software solution guarantees that the end-user will always have access to the most up-to-date version of the software. Using HOA management software quickly eliminates problems such as software maintenance and incompatibility issues. This gives your self-managed HOA the ability to spend valuable time and energy to increase productivity while you use our HOA website.

Service, Backups, and Data Recovery

Unlike traditional self-managed HOA software solutions, HOAStart provides customer assurance of how our sites function. We guarantee our clients that all applications provide virtually 100% uptime.

With a typical software application, data backups can be time-consuming and labor-intensive unless your organization uses a costly backup option. With SaaS services, you can eliminate this task because SaaS supports automated backups without individual intervention, guaranteeing data stability.

Increased Safety And Security

In many circumstances, the Software as a Service solution can keep your HOA’s information more secure and often more readily available than traditional software programs can. For instance, at HOAStart, we run multiple geographically separate data centers, which provides the optimal IT infrastructure to deliver our applications quickly. If one data center should happen to experience a problem, all of our other data centers are available, which provides the redundancy to ensure uptime.

Try Before You Buy

At HOAStart, we offer a free trial of our HOA management software solution. We believe that this gives your self-managed HOA the ability to evaluate the feasibility of our solution and provides the opportunity to determine how well it works with your current HOA processes.

Use Our Self-Managed HOA Software Solution

Managing an HOA can be an overwhelming and daunting task, and running your own HOA presents its own set of one-of-a-kind difficulties. Without the right HOA management software solution, it becomes more difficult to complete typical accountancy jobs such as payroll, tracking fees, late payments, late costs, filing tax returns, budgeting for repairs, and managing job and maintenance requests efficiently and on time. With the right SaaS solution, you can complete all these tasks – and many more – with timely ease. Get started with HOAStart today.

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