The HOA Start Platform was built with your community in mind.  We stand behind that, as our communities and clients drive our change.

While the changes and timelines below are always flexible, they provide a great reference for what has been done as well as a framework for what’s to come.  If you see an upcoming improvement that you’d like to provide feedback on or if there is a change you’d love to see, please reach out!

We are ecstatic for the direction of our platform, and we are even more excited to have you along with us.

Release Target: April & May
New & Updated Features :

Dues & Fees: Not just sending dues and invoices!  Avoid manual entry for every lost pool key, allow donations for local cause, see every past due at a glance.  The tools necessary to truly manage your community. (Start of April)

Amenities: All things scheduling.  Limit reservations per member, minimum advance notice, maximum future date of possible reservations, and much more.

Communications:  Onboarding communications are being reworked as well as providing a more dynamic email publisher.


Release Target: Holidays 2021
Same beautiful websites, same powerful software, now with an accounting solution integration:

QuickBooks, the number one accounting software used by self-managed associations.

Two-way integration with synchronized data. Simplify your invoices and dues, automatically update your accounts when members pay, make life easier.

Planning phase for development is April-June timeframe.  We will be working with several individual communities and professional management firms to help determine needs and inform the integration.  If you are interested in joining that effort, please reach out!

Planned Features:

There’s a million things we haven’t done

But just you wait, just you wait


v1.3 & 1.4

Released: March 2, 2021
To The Moon!

These past few weeks we have been relentlessly improving areas of the software while working hand in hand with many of our clients.  You have been fantastic in identifying needs, breaks, and more.  It’s been a busy but fun last month, from hot fixes to easier onboarding.

As we approach 2.0, our developers will be going into hiding for a couple weeks and return with an all new glorious Dues & Fees feature, along with some other valuable updates.


While there were no major breaks to address, 1.2 did bring about issues with our Import and Welcome email.  We did a quick release (1.3) to address those issues.  Related to that, you’ll soon see additional abilities in welcoming new residents and communicating (email) with your members.

Additions & Improvements

New and recently added with this update is attachments.  From messages to forms to events to reservations, Users can easily attach any documentation now.  This is fantastic when asking someone to attach documentation when filling out an Architectural Request, or when sending over a message to your Property Manager or board (on your walk and see something that needs fixed? Send a message and snap a quick picture as an attachment from your site!).

Our improvements list for these last two updates is literally hundreds of entries long.  Bear with us as we try and pick and choose what’s best to share with you

v1.2 Twice as Nice!

Released: February 15, 2021

You shall not pass!  We had very specific scenarios where permissions were struggling, such as a public page, with a semi private calendar, that had a public event that was only open to members.  We’ve fixed all logic behind access, so you can determine down to a pea what specific members are seeing.

Everything Private Messaging.  Folks can leave their groups, unseen character limit is removed, large messages scroll for a better user experience, text will no longer break outside of their box, etc.


We’d like to send our release notes out in a pretty format via tidy little PDFs.  But we’re too busy churning out Improvements!

Added additional elements/fields to forms and Contact form, added sorting for document repository, Admin edit/overwrite ability in private group chat, ticket packages added to Events, added hover icons site wide, removed “Login” type buttons from all rejected applicants communications, updated formatting for all system generated emails, added attachments for private chat, resolved all images opening in new browser window, removed ability to input blank entries in repository and events, pinned posts for Newsfeeds.


Multi Site View – We know you have enough saved sites and passwords between online banking, work, social media.  For our clients with several communities, one login and one view, easily bounce between any of your managed communities.

Text Communication – Folks on Professional and Premium can now message their users!  Whether trying to notify residents on a specific street of impending construction or quickly notify the entire association regarding a threat or danger, get a message out to your community instantly.

v1.1 Here…We…Go….

Released: January 8, 2021

Welcome to our inaugural update!

It appears we were a bit overly cautious, and delete wasn’t working.  Admins are now free to delete any page, feature, or member, bon voyage!

We promise we’re not greedy!  Clients were reporting receiving a note to upgrade despite being on a paid plan.  We’ve fixed the issue and you shouldn’t be bothered.


We don’t want to keep you here all day, but we’ve delivered quite the number of improvements.

Auto scaling for images, easier editing of account information by Members, upgrade/downgrade accounts without leaving your community site, added hamburger menu to mobile designs for easier browsing, Back function added to create new process for features, helpful tips added site wide, updated all menu/dropdown sensitivities, relocated Save buttons for features and site editor, edited color schemas for internal pages, cleaned up formatting site wide, and much more general housework.


New search by Tag function. Admins can now search their membership by Tag.  Tons of uses, from sending out communications to opted in members to instantly being able to update your boards and committees.

Auto Approval for new members.  We had a couple inclusive clients that didn’t require private pages on their site, but also wanted to utilize the Member Dashboard.  New option that doesn’t require manual approval!

Quick add new member for individual members.  We know that our import process is awesome for uploading your community roster, but now you can also quickly add an individual member or two without leaving your Members page!