Homeowners Association Website – HOA Website

Homeowners Association Website – HOA Website

HOA Website

What exactly is an HOA Website? A Homeowners association website is an online website for HOAs, with many tools to help with HOA Management. Unlike ordinary websites, HOA Sites are used for housing important documents, events, calendars, and many other important features. Most homeowners associations that streamline their organization online increase not only productivity but also greatly improve resident communication. Whether an HOA, Condo Association, or Neighborhood association, having a website helps eliminate many issues for the homeowner. If you’re looking to streamline your HOAs operations management and minimize reputational risks, an HOA site is a great solution. Transitioning from an inefficient physical office to an online association solution really does eliminate hassles.


HOA Website

5 Homeowners Association Website Requisites

Why do you need an HOA website?

The best answer to this question boils down to better communication, streamlining documentation, and community engagement. There are hundreds of other reasons to employ a neighborhood association website or HOA website, but we’re going to unpack a few important & practical considerations. For one, an invaluable commodity of time for homeowners. The time a community website saves is priceless. Granted there is some time invested on the front-end, setting things up, but that will pay dividends in the long run. The more efficient and thorough an HOA is, the fewer expenses there are.  Housing documentation in an online repository, readily available to members and board alike is pretty thorough.

The Website Features Mean Everything for the Community

There are various features that can simplify an HOA’s day to day operations. Allowing residents to pay their dues online, through the association’s website, will be a well-received perk. We’ll list them here so that you can keep them in mind while deciding on a provider. HOA websites are generally used for communication between residents and the community or board. These may include the following: inviting guests, managing budget, communications with the homeowners, selling property, and handling information regarding events. With the best HOA website builder, you can add features that will make managing these activities easier for you and other homeowners. Some of the available features are: creating, designing, and editing your website, and maintenance. If you have an existing HOA, and are looking for an online HOA website service, be sure to keep the following factors in mind.

Free to Try – Try Before You Buy

You can use a free to try HOA website trial to see if your HOA members, and the board, like the feaures. You can explore the functions, templates, and user interface all before you commit.

When you sign up for an HOA site trial, you will be sent a username and password through your email. These are usually short forms so you don’t have to enter your full name. After you register, you will usually get an access code. Enter this code in the box on the HOA website to gain immediate access. However, your access code cannot be used to log into your own HOA community after the trial period is over so be sure to make a decision prior to the trial courtesy period. Homeowner associations, community associations, and neighborhood associations can all benefit by moving their operations online.

Easy to Use HOA Website Builder

So what exactly is an HOA website builder? In a nutshell, it’s a point and click method that makes building and maintaining a homeowners association website much easier. In the past, HOAs had to hire expensive website developers to create their website. But technology has come a long way. HOA start makes having an HOA Website simple. After signing up, choose an HOA website template in the wide range of ready-made templates or create your own with a website template creator. All available templates are customizable. You may create any kind of website you wish by modifying one of the templates From picking your color palette to images. Of if you just want to expedite the whole process, you can use template defaults. It provides easy and simple steps to create your own HOA website. This may be the responsibility of a community manager or HOA management company.


HOA Website Builder


Customized Dedicated Domain Name

You’ve probably typed in a domain name before. It’s the web address located at the top of browsers like www.hoastart.com . When deciding on the best HOA website provider, be sure to ask if a custom dedicated domain name is provided. You’ll probably want something easy so that everyone in the community will remember it. Something like www.elmhurstHOA.com or something similar.


Why Your HOA Website Should Be Mobile Friendly

Nowadays more people are using their smartphones to check email, social media, as well their local HOA website. It’s probably a good idea that you consider a design that translates well to mobile phones and tablets.


HOA website Design
A few years back, people were not so accustomed to viewing websites in a mobile format, but today, they expect a mobile-friendly website. With millions of people owning cell phones in 2021, it’s no longer acceptable to ignore mobile users when designing a website.

A mobile-friendly site is one of the most important aspects that HOAs should consider. This simply means that you need to create your pages in a way that it will be viewed properly by mobile phone and tablet users.

No Need to Learn New Stuff: One of the greatest advantages of using HOA Start’s mobile-friendly websites is that you don’t have to learn any technical skills in order to create a website. Our website developers have already designed our templates with mobile response built-in.

Mobile-friendly websites have faster loading time: Generally, people spend less time waiting while browsing the association’s website. If you have a fast loading website, your members and prospects will be happy and will spend more time enjoying your website.


Online Member, Board, & Prospect Portal

Depending on the goals and objectives, another key aspect of HOA websites is providing critical information on available properties in the neighborhood such as homeowner association bylaws. Not only will members have a secure login but those interested in available property may be given temporary login as well. That is of course just one option, you can also provide information on available property to the public in general as well.


Website Has Communication Options

Not only is a homeowner association website great for maintaining property values and raising the HOA board of directors’ reputation to the community members, but the HOA office can also announce a meeting through the resident portal. Communication problems are minimized when the governing documents are easy to access for homeowners. Whether accessing the resident directory or submitting a service request, HOA members will appreciate having one website to visit to meet their needs.  The HOA rules and HOA documents no longer need to be printed out and distributed manually. Your HOA will operate efficiently as a great property management company.

5 Best HOA Websites – Website Builder & Templates


HOA Start – Alpine Template

5 color palettes to choose from: Ocean Breeze, Gunmetal, Pumpkin Spice, Simpson Sky, Green Bay.

HOA Start – Aurora

3 colors to choose from: Rainforest, Planet Earth, Grasshopper


HOA Start – Ozark

5 color palettes to choose from: Ocean Breeze, Gunmetal, Pumpkin Spice, Simpson Sky, Green Bay.

Palette here

image here

HOA Start – Bungalow

4 color palettes to choose from: Investor, Grasshopper, Autumn Fall, Rainforest.

palette image



HOA Start – Tungston

4 color palette to choose from: Copper, Indigo, Sapphire, Gunmetal.

palette here

image here