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When it comes to building the best HOA websites for your HOA, most other providers force you to decide whether you want dynamic software, an attractive HOA website, or easy onboarding. With our HOA website builder, you get all three—plus live support to ensure your success. Our step-by-step instructions help you track your progress and complete your site with ease, then keep it up to date as your community’s needs grow.

What is the Purpose of an HOA Website

Most people are interested in knowing the purpose of an HOA website? An HOA website aims to serve as a critical medium of interaction between residents and the association management. If you are looking forward to building your website in your area, please go through the contents.

Technical Aspects of Design are Important

In the first place, you have to consider the technical aspect of developing your website. A well-designed site will perform much better. It will also determine how much information it contains. Besides, it will also determine whether you find what will work according to the particular needs of your area. Therefore, you must pay utmost attention to function and design. Hopefully, in the end,  you can quickly build a good-quality product that the end-user will love.

Your Site Content Means Everything

Secondly, you have to think about the content. Content is a vital part of your website and its main attraction. It must be such that it will attract more visitors to visit your site and thoroughly inform members of the association. Ultimately, the quality of the content will also affect how it fulfills its greater purpose. Most people agree that the goal is to find a way to create a significant role in improving the visibility of your community. You have to make sure that your HOA should attempt to attract the maximum number of visitors. You also must keep in mind to include the right keywords so the search engine can easily show your results. Our HOA website builder will help you accomplish just that.



HOA Website Templates
For Webmasters to Beginners

For Webmasters to Beginners

Select your association website design, color palette, and custom domain. Easily create your content with any of our industry-leading HOA websites templates.

  • Edit and place photos, titles, and buttons with a single click.
  • Start with a home page that’s built specifically for your community identity. Save time when you quickly make design updates and utilize our technology to add pages and content, a newsfeed, forms, calendars, maps, and contact information as you build and maintain your HOAs website.

A Website’s Design Equals Purpose

The purpose of your site will also depend upon your web design. Many people believe that if you design correctly, you will be able to use it for various purposes. Every HOA website serves a unique purpose to the homeowners association. Some communities go through the expense of hiring a professional designer with a request to optimize the content so that you can have a unique presence on the internet. You can easily accomplish this using our site builder.

Focus on Overall Template Design

You also need to focus on the overall design. Remember, you are designing to function and inform, and hence, there must be a focus on appearance. With any good site design, the color, font, and images must all be placed correctly. If you follow these basic rules, using our top-of-the-line HOA website builder, then your HOA website will accomplish its purpose.


Tools to Help You Succeed

Tools to Help You Succeed

When you are building your homeowners association website, you can add or remove website pages whenever you need to customize your content. Our simple-to-use tools and site structure make it easy to select a feature, add a modular template option, and complete your page.

  • Our Live Preview shows you site changes before you make them official. When you’re ready, save and publish to implement your content.
  • To create forms, board approvals, dues, and more for your community, use our professional templates to save time or build your own forms for your website for your HOA from scratch.

Your Site Content Means Everything

When building your HOAs website, you have to think about the content. A website’s content is a vital part of your website. The website content is the main attraction. It must be such that it will attract more visitors to visit your site and thoroughly inform members of the association. Ultimately, the quality of the content of your website will also affect how it fulfills its greater purpose. Most people agree that your website will play a significant role in improving the visibility of your community. You have to make sure that your HOA should build the website to attract the maximum number of visitors. You also must keep in mind to include the right keywords so that your website becomes search engine friendly.


Unique Design That Works for You

Unique Design That Works for You

Remember This

An outstanding HOA website provides relevant, helpful information, which in turn enhances the user’s experience. However, there are several individual elements to consider that go beyond that summary. Having a costly website does not guarantee you that it will be quality.

Search Engines Must Like Your Site

A good internet site is conveniently crawlable and can easily index in the search engines. Good sites do not have a massive quantity of errors. Great websites load fast, regardless of location. It would be best to get the load times on the pages as quickly as possible if you did all you can.

Good Design Satisfies Specific Requirements

Good site design makes your website easy to use. Your website needs to satisfy specific requirements, not only practical but also visual. Great design stresses the efficiency of an item while overlooking anything that can perhaps diminish it.

Make Certain the Content is Unique

Your site’s content ought to be one-of-a-kind, uniquely crafted, and top-notch. It should not be mass-produced. You should not widely utilize the content on a large number of other websites. It is important to remember that your website must provide a good user experience rather than ranking highly in the search engines. Good content will ultimately perform well in the rankings.

It Must Be Easy to Use and Navigate

People do not like websites that are hard to read and difficult to navigate. Your site should be kept clean and mess-free, well organized, and excellent at directing users exactly where they require to go.

Our Site Builder Makes it All Easy

Every community’s website should look amazing. Our simple HOAStart website builder makes an awesome site available to any community—and we create all our designs to fit real needs. When using our site builder we make building your website for your HOA that much easier. From condensed menus for a master association to photo carousels and click-to-contact links for new development for your board to use for your website, we have website designs uniquely suited to your community!

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Q: Should you hire a website designer or build the site yourself. 

A: Based on today’s current market prices, you could build your site with a theme, hosting, and domain name for roughly $150. If you were to go the route of using a web designer, you could expect the cost to be anywhere between $1,500 and $2,500.

Q: Can WordPress be used for an HOA website builder?

A: Yes, WordPress is a great builder with tons of functionality and can customize every site portion. The biggest drawback of utilizing WordPress to build your HOA site is a bit of a learning curve. Also, WordPress sites require hosting fees to be paid, SSL certificates, and potentially a site designer, bringing along added costs. If we were to compare HOA website builder tools between our builder and a WordPress site build, the best free website builder is by far the tool that we offer at HOA Start, where we include everything in one easy solution.

Q: Should I use the Wix website builder for my site?

A: One of the reasons you should not utilize the builder offered by Wix is that you are not a professional web designer, generally speaking. Web designers have the skill and expertise to create a site with a positive user experience. Your community association website needs to be easy to navigate and use. The most important reason you have an HOA or a Condo Association website is that members of the association will use the site.

Q: Is it better to use a builder to create my community site for the homeowners association?

A: To be honest, if you lack the skills of a professional web developer, need to save time and money, it is best to utilize a website builder, like the tool we have at HOA Start, which makes the daunting task of developing the perfect website for your HOA a lot easier. 

Q: Why should I use the website builder offered by HOA Start?

A: Our website builder has several positive benefits, which include:

  • We offer an easy to navigate, straightforward to use interface for newbies
  • All of our websites are responsive, so they look excellent on phones, tablets, and computers
  • We offer many fresh contemporary layouts
  • An easily alterable look and feel
  • Complete functionality on the majority of iPhone and Android devices 
  • Robust web page design makes it not likely you will inadvertently harm your website
  • Drag-and-drop performance makes it very easy to develop varied page format

Q: Do I need to know HTML or any other web development language to build your HOA community site?

A: The short answer is NO! One of the most significant benefits and advantages of utilizing our site builder for your community is that it is effortless to use! You can use any word processing program, such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word, to create your documents, then you can copy and paste directly to the site. It is super easy to use! 

Q: Do I need internet access? 

A: Because the site is accessible via the world wide web, the only way to get to the site to make adaptations or to even view the site would require some form of internet access.

Q: What is a domain name?

A: A domain name is an address. Web addresses are often called URLs. A domain name is a highly user-friendly way to access the Internet Protocol (IP address).

Q: How long will it take to build my website?

A: With the easy-to-use builder at HOA Start, you will have your community association website up and running in a matter of minutes!

Q: Do I need a website?

A: The good thing about a site is that the HOA website can easily streamline communication by making it easier for residents to stay in the know. It makes it easier for board members to automate many of the day-to-day tasks of successfully running a community. 

It provides web hosting services and programming to support:

  • News
  • Announcements
  • Notices
  • Resources
  • Event calendars
  • Work orders
  • Dues payments history


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